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Mirova obtains the new Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate label for three funds

Three funds managed by Mirova, an asset management company dedicated to responsible investment, have been awarded the newly established Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate (TEEC) label, following an audit by Ernst & Young. Mirova has been recognised as a pioneering and demanding player in the financing of energy transition thanks to its three flagship funds.

The label was created by the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea to mobilise savings towards energy and environmental transition as part of public policy under France’s Energy Transition Law adopted on August 2015.

The label requires Certified funds:

  • make significant investments in companies and projects related to energy and ecological transition
  • measure the actual environmental impact of the portfolio in the areas of climate change, water, natural resources and biodiversity,via impact indicators
  • actively manage any major risk of environmental social or governance controversy

The label supports the identification of investment funds that finance the green economy, encourages the creation of new green funds, and facilitates reporting on the green part of corporate activities

Mirova’s three TEEC labelled flagship funds implement the following strategies:

  • A renewable energy infrastructure fund, totally dedicated to clean energy investing.
  • A fixed income strategy investing in debt securities supporting energy and ecological transition, defined as green bonds by the research division of Mirova’s investment team.
  • A thematic equity strategy investing in shares of European companies that are positively exposed to environmental issues.

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova, commented on the announcement: “We are proud to be one of the first asset management companies to receive this new label for our products. Energy transition will only succeed if we manage to mobilise the savings of private investors. We must therefore offer solutions that address climate issues while generating the performance expected by investors. The three labelled funds are representative of our three core areas of expertise and are based on sophisticated analysis performed by our research teams.”

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About Mirova
Mirova, an asset management company wholly owned by Natixis Asset Management1, brings to bear almost 30 years of experience in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Mirova offers a conviction-driven approach in order to combine value creation with sustainable development with a unique and global product offering: listed equities, fixed income, infrastructure, impact investing, voting and engagement.
With 60 employees, Mirova has €6 billion in assets under management2.

1: Since 01.01.2014.

2: Source : Natixis Asset Management as at 31 March 2016

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